Policy & Safety


The sign up is not on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. We will use both lottery and casting for the larp based on information from the sign up form, and aim to achieve diversity among players, character concepts and relationships to ensure interesting and fun play.


The ticket price is 200 euro for demon+patient players, and 135 euro for staff characters. If, due to economical circumstances, you’re unable to pay your fee in one instalment, or the full price is too high, please contact the organisers.

Refund policy

Until the 1st of August 2023, you can get a full refund if you drop out of the larp for any reason. If you drop out of the larp after the payment deadline, you will not get a refund for any reason. Please note that if one partner in a demon+patient duo cancels, the whole duo is considered to have dropped out. The remaining partner may find a new duo partner within a reasonable time or a whole new duo to take their spots and characters. The organisers may be able to assist, if there are demon+patient duos on the waiting list.

Art by Julia Pivén


The Devil You Know will use the character learning tool Ensemble. You are expected to upload a picture and present your character in a timely manner.

When you register for this larp, you agree that you will familiarise yourself with information you receive from the organisers and respond when contacted. If something is unclear, it is your responsibility to speak up so that the organisers have a chance to answer and clarify. If you do not respond or if we can’t get hold of you within a reasonable time, you will first receive a written warning and then you (and the partner in case of demon+patient duo) lose your spot(s) to someone on the waiting list. You will not get a refund if you forfeit your spot at the larp because of lack of communication.


In the signup form, we ask you to identify any potential player that you consider unsafe. By unsafe, we mean dangerous, unsafe behaviour towards you, other players or the game. We do not mean differences of opinion, bad personal chemistry or personal relationships, past or present.

The Devil You Know does not pre-define close relations between characters, except demon+patient. As such, the organisers will not filter through who you can and cannot have a character relation with. As a player you have the freedom to avoid relation with other players’ characters yourself.


The venue is a youth camp site, and it is not very mobility friendly. The play area is on both the ground and 1st floor, meaning you must be able to walk up and down stairs. The design does not include any physical exercise or running. If you want to inquire about your accessibility needs, please write an email to the organisers.


We will take pictures during the larp. You will be offered portrait opportunities during or after the game, and our experienced photographer is very considerate when it comes to taking photos ingame with as little disturbance to the play as possible. There will be limited pictures taken ingame. At sign up, you must consent to being photographed at the larp. Additionally, we will publish these pictures on the Norwegian larp gallery and the Swedish larp gallery after a grace period. We might want to use some of these pictures for communication and marketing of the larp for potential future runs, and will in this case contact the subjects on each such photo to ask consent for this particular purpose.